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This is my effort to share beauty I have found in nature's art and people's work, and to thank the many individuals who have made that beauty available to me. These 1,000+ images are a catalog of what I consider my best work as a photographer. They are presented in a manner which I hope will be entertaining and informative.

I intend this site to also serve as a showcase for the kinds and quality of photography I have done, and am available to do on request. For many years I have provided low or no cost custom photography as well as long term display meterials for public entities such as Sonoma Land Trust, County of Marin, a number of schools and health care facilities, and currenly for the Sonoma Valley Hospital.

Through my "Sonma is Growing" program I also offer similar pro bono services to Sonoms County buisness - particulatrly those in agriculture {e.g. the Dickson Brothers) - struggling to thrive in our stressful times of drought, fire, Covid, and widesprad uncertainty.

I am constantly making extensive additions and improvements to the site. Be sure to refresh your browser so you see the latest images. If you are interested in licensing an image from this site for commercial purposes, please contact me to discuss.