For sale:  2008 Itasca Navion RV Model 24B customized floor plan SOLD

I love "Rosie" dearly, as you can tell from the work I have put into this presentation.  She's been my custom mobile photo studio for seven years - over every mountain pass in California, Oregon, and Washington with reliability, power, and comfort.  But now, as I approach eighty, I am too old for more of the travels Rosie and I have shared.

Rosie is a machine which I purchased, equipped, and maintained for active adventures with one to three people on board. She is no RV Park pleasure palace - no outdoor 56" flat screen TV, no mega-cooler for beer and soda, no automatic leveling jacks. Because none of those are much use where I went - the remote coast and mountains of Western United States and Canada.

On the other hand, like all Sprinters, Rosie is extremely easy to drive with cruise control, finger-tip shift 5 speed transmission; comfortable for long-term self-sufficiency with Sirius satellite radio, powerful A/C and heating, 50 gallons of weater in two tanks, and simplified systens to reduce the agony of being stranded waiting for a busy RV repairman.

Of course with today's technology it 's easy to turn on your phone hotspot and conect your laptop to the internet, whether to watch the game or finish your book. i have frequently published daily professional photos to the internet right from Rosie's custom counter. And I have also frequently shot my cameras through Rosie's open windowes or door, giving me a dry, high, sheltered platform to see over crowds and other obstructions.

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