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Hymn to Tomales

for someone as yet unknown

by Duncan Dwelle, November 1986

Have you walked here?
And if so, where
that makes your eyes
so blue and fair?

Have you dreamed here?
And if so, what,
to open wide
while others shut?

Have you looked here?
And if so, why?
To taste the blueing
of the sky?

Have you loved here?
And if so, who?
A nameless face
whom you once knew?

I've walked these hills
from here to there
to see the lions
in their lair.

I've dreamed such clouds -
they're formed like that:
egrets' feathers
in Tomales' hat.

I've looked in vain,
discovering why
life's fine treasures
you cannot buy.

I'll love with one
whose soul is here.
Tide is rising,
time is near.