Ballad of Cats and Rats

for MP

by Duncan Dwelle, September 1985


By chance we met
not knowing yet
what cosmic fate in store.
With cheese and wine
and evening fine
beneath the scull and oar.

Caffeine surfeit
(I'd misjudged it)
we talked into the night
While parting late
we made a date -
next week we'd make a flight.

The weather's fine;
I call your line -
machines now rule the phone!
You dial back
and leave a track
on my magnetic drone.

Ah, we're no jerks!
The system works.
You say you're late, but really not.
With neither clock
nor schedule lock,
you're prompt right to the dot.

When sails are up,
wine in the cup,
we reach South to the City.
The hazy morn,
when first was born,
showed no promises this pretty.

"Oh 'Cats'" said she.
"I'll leave the sea
at five for transformation."
"Oh rats!" said I.
"I can't deny
the prospect's desolation."

But leave you did
and thus I bid
bon soire to jolly crew.
I swept the decks
and trashed the Becks
and polished up the loo.

Now if you'd like
(no boat or bike)
to venture out together
I could reveal
urbane appeal
in linen, silk and leather.

Five days are full
(and that's no bull)
with playing the bread winner
But I can wait
for another date
till next Monday night for dinner.

Will you join me?
(or Tues. or Weds. or ...)