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* I'm done - retiring from photography - too old and tired to chase a storm breaking at dawn or flights of geese lifting in a rising breeze. My equipment is all for sale. I look forward to clearing an over-sized printer off my cramped desk. Adobe will need to limp along without my monthly ransome.

This site has been my effort to share beauty I have found in nature's art and people's work, and to thank the many individuals who have made that beauty available to me. These 1,000+ images are a catalog of what I consider my best work as a photographer. While I don't expect to add much here, I do hope to continue offering downloadable high resolution images for print or display. Many of my images maintain full resolutiom even enlarged to 48-60" on the long side.

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If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in licensing an image from this site for commercial purposes, please email me.

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