In late 2016, after a slow year of recovery from major surgery, I found myself no longer physically able to maintain my substantial collection of mounted images. Nor could I, despite several invitations, consider another public show. While I continue to shoot, age and injury have erased from me any further ambition of producing large framed works.

So I chose two organizations, each of which has particular meaning to me, as well as direct local appreciation of my images. I donated about half my inventory to each. The links below connect to PDF documents which itemize the images, and the details of their respctive formats and framing.

I look forward to seeing these images on display or sold to raise funds for their respective organizations, knowing that my work will be seen, and I hope, appreciated widely for years to come.

Sonoma County Museum

Sonoma Land Trust

If you are interested in seeing these in person, please drop me a note and I'll keep you informed as to if and when they might be on display. Meanwhile I hope to spend many days, weeks, and perhaps months crusing western North America in my Spriner RV, in comfort as I wait for perfect light.