Welcome to Dickson Ranch

This site is growing steadily every week as we document the changing seasons and hours of daylight.

  • 2010 Jun 22 - Added many images in Flying - Neighbors - Mid June
  • 2010 Jun 16 - Closeups (albeit a bit fuzzy) of the B25 crash site
  • 2010 Jun 16 - More beautiful building shots and details at summer solstice sunset
  • 2010 Jun 14 - Panorama of the ranch buildings
  • 2010 Jun 14 - new menu section for the B25 crashed off Hamilton Field
  • 2010 Jun 14 - many more aerial shots of the ranch in late spring colors
  • 2010 Jun 14 - aerial views of the sports club
  • 2010 May 20 - added a dozen new shots, mostly under the sports club
  • 2010 May 19 - beginning the sports club; more portraits of Fred; views from Reclamation Road
  • 2010 May 18 - posted a few shots from last Friday after aborted flight
  • 2010 May 15 - begun the Bird Club with a Google Earth view under "Maps"
  • 2010 May 13 - tried to fly but thule fog was too dense
  • 2010 May 12 - added Google Earth views under "Maps"
  • 2010 May 10 - a number of aerial, overview, and building shots are now shown much larger.
  • 2010 May 7 - added several early morning shots of ranch and buildings
  • 2010 Apr 16 - Fred took Duncan flying and we got lots of aerial shots of the ranch and neighbors
  • 2010 Apr 15 - Sunset views of the ranch looking south from the gravel road

This is a photo album under construction for the Dickson family and friends. The images present our visual sense of the expansive, intimate, historic, personal, wild, domestic, incredible beauty of the Dickson Ranch. We plan to add text as well to help tell the story.

All photos were taken with the generous permission and hospitality of Fred W. Dickson and are published privately here for Fred's convenience. Our hope is to create some sort of permanent record of the ranch, in a web site, book, DVD, and/or other media, which will preserve lasting memories for the family.

We shoot these images with several different digital and large format film cameras. Some are "snapshots"; some are suitable for 4' framed art.

Please be patient as each picture loads into your browser. Since many of these are sized to maximum Web display for best clarity, the image files are quite large.

Keep in mind that we have no control over how your computer is adjusted to display colors. Consequently you may not see the colors as we saw them at the ranch and as the original photographs capture them.

Click for Google Earth sky view maps of the property and buildings to help put everything in perspective.

Duncan Dwelle and Jane Tise have collaborated on extensive photography of farm lands and buildings in Sonoma and Marin.

For many years we, as residents of Marin, have marveled at the incredible beauty of our surroundings. That beauty is no accident; we know that. You - the farmers of Marin and Sonoma - have, deliberately or not, preserved these exquisite pastoral settings which we enjoy daily. In effect, your efforts as farmers have kept for us, the "city folk", a national park equivalent in our back yard.

We are immensely grateful. So our work to gather this material is a small down payment on what we owe.

Thank you.

Please feel free to e-mail any comments or suggestions to Duncan@DwelleArt.com. .