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06 Aug 2003

Software as Alchemy or Science?

Model Driven Development

(and worst)
Design Practices

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Since 1994 this site has been a reflection of our consulting practice and a primary resource for students, practitioners, and providers of information modeling methods. Our library of reading on information modeling and CASE tool product reviews have helped thousands of people sift some science from the idiosyncratic art of databased systems design. 

However this site has been static for five years, a virtual book while we were otherwise occupied. After extended research, thinking, and tinkering, we've got a whole lot of fresh ideas to write about. Now, don't hold your breath. We do produce a lot of work which will not appear here. However new articles (including some of those promised several years ago) will start to appear. So please check back at our What's New list from time to time.

To our old friends: notice the black hole orbiting above, forming the vortex by its distortion of surrounding fabric of space/time, is now on the move.. We regard this as a metaphor for information systems projects which suck up all resources around them and emit nothing - sometimes for years! At the same time the vortex provides a visual framework showing how various information system methodologies weave together into a complete approach.

AIS is dedicated to researching, inventing, and teaching methods by which information systems builders can break through such black holes. If you are interested in some help doing the same, drop a line and we'll chat.