Dwelle Art: About - This Site

The purpose of this site is to share some beauty I have found in people's work and nature's art, and to thank the many property stewards who have protected that often uneconomic beauty in their rural lands and buildings.

Please respect my ©s by not reproducing or using any image for commercial purposes without my express written permission. If you are interested in licensing any image on this site for commercial purposes please contact me. I can provide any file format, from CR2 + PSD to JPEG or TIFF.

About my images online

Most of the images on this site are shot and optimized digitally. They are presented large to preserve viewing quality. Even scaled down for web viewing, many files are over 1MB.

In the past I shot traditional large format film - 4"x5" - intending that my images should be equally interesting whether viewed from six inches or six feet. Resulting scan files are 500MB to 1GB each in order to enable printing from four to ten feet wide.

Any backlit computer screen, regardless of quality, is a limited substitute for a fine arts print. Please keep this in mind when viewing my images online.