Petersen barn in spring

The Northern California counties of Marin and Sonoma exhibit a century and a half of agrarian history in dozens of working farms. Sun, wind, fog, and gravity all work their subtle, slow magic on the structures of man, gradually drawing them back into the earthly elements from which they were constructed. These are the sources of my inspiration.

For forty-five years I’ve travelled our rural roads, watching transitions - usually slow, as in the weathering of a fence, but sometimes sudden when, for example, a silo collapses in a storm.

Few of these old farm structures retain economic value to their owners. Yet I’ve seldom met a farmer who is blind to the beauty of that very decay which he battles daily. Graton barn


I look for striking photographic images where the work of man and nature gently merge over time - a lichen coated shed, a broken-backed barn, a weathered redwood gate, a rusted farm implement.

While today I shoot mostly with professional digital cameras, I record the best of these farmscapes on traditional large format film to capture their naturally exquisite detail and color. I want the image you see to match what nature shared with me - nothing more nor less.


Please be patient while images load. While most of the images on this site are shot and optimized digitally, some are presented large to preserve viewing quality. Even scaled down for the web, a few are over 1MB.

I also frequently shoot traditional large format film - 4"x5" - intending that my images should be equally interesting whether viewed from six inches or six feet. Resulting scan files are 500MB to 1GB each in order to enable printing from three to eight feet wide.

Any backlit computer screen, regardless of quality, is a limited substitute for a fine arts print. Please keep this in mind when viewing my images online.


I offer my images as individual fine art pieces, each of quality and size appropriate for presentation of its subject. These are usually at least 30", and often over 60", on the larger dimension.

I do not sell images or image products (prints, posters, etc.) on the Web or any retail outlet. My work is displayed at a few selected events and venues where the items may be purchased as seen.

Some pieces are also available for limited temporary use in public buildings and privates spaces where they may complement an architectural display or staging.

My field and photo journalism work has been published in several magazines and web sites. Inquires are welcome.



Solo show in the gallery at
White Oak Winery
7505 Highway 128
Healdsburg, CA 95448
(707) 433-8429


Sept 28: Winner of juried award for Best Body of Work

at the 7th annual Arts Festival presented by the Healdsburg Center for the Arts





May-July: New works in the gallery at
The Framing Dragon
447 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941


February: First Tuesday Art Walk
Frank Howard Allen Realtors
25 East Blithedale
Mill Valley CA 94941

reception Tuesday 1 Feb 6-8 PM





October: First Tuesday Art Walk
Mill Valley City Hall
375 Throckmorton Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

reception Tuesday 5 Oct 6-8 PM


August 28 - September 26:
solo show
at Windy Hill Winery
1010 West Railroad Ave.
Cotati, CA 94931

party Saturday Sept 25 12-5 PM


March - July: In the gallery at
The Framing Dragon
447 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941





August: First Tuesday Art Walk
Mill Valley Library
Mill Valley, CA


August - November: featured artist at
The Framing Dragon
Mill Valley, CA

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